Check it,

As we close out another year,
we wanted to spread some of that holiday cheer.

We wanted to give the gift of creativity,
so we thought of a fun, cool, and hip activity.

It’s called Gift Rapping and here’s what happened:

We joined forces with Harry Mack,
a walking wordsmith known for his mic attack.

You might know him from the Ellen Degeneres Show,
but he’s known the world over for his continuous flow.

We set up shop in Tysons Corner Center,
gave him a mic and let him run forever.

People came up and brought him gifts,
and stood by as they watched him spit out a riff.

People were dancin and prancin, and blitzen.
Comet and cupid, all the reindeers were grinning.

Psych. There weren’t any reindeer there,
but it was fun to give gift giving some flair.

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Open Rap

Every gift has a story

WHITE64 teamed up with our friends at Second Story, a community in which all young people are safe, live in a nurturing environment and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Volunteers were there to wrap (as in cover it with paper, not rap, like Harry does) your gift. Donations went directly to Second Story.

About Second Story

Second Story is a local charity focused on empowering youth from underserved communities. We believe that children and families should have hope for brighter futures through counseling, shelter and neighborhood-based support. To learn more, please visit

THANK YOU to Harry Mack and all who helped us spread some holiday cheer through music, and did some good right here at home.

Harry Mack
Second Story